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Summary of the scoring  workshop
Who were the different stakeholder groups invited to the scoring workshop (composition and number)? Please attach the list of participants.
The scoring process involves a series of focused group meetings (FGM) with government officers and project consultants involved in implementation of SPCR Projects to update the scores and values of the 5 PPCR Core Indiicators, and then the update M&E report is validated at the Multi Stakholder Workshop held on 2 August 2018. The FGMs provide in-depth discussion with the projects officers to update scores, as well as discussion on lessons leanred and challenges. The list of officers met during FGM and at the validation workshop is attached. The stakeholders participated at the workshop include governmnet officers from the Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Women Affairs, Ministry of Planning, Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Ministry of Rural Development, Ministry of Public Works and Transport, and National Committee for Sub-national Democratic Development, development partners, Civil Society Organizations and Private Sectors.
How did you define your scoring criteria for Scorcards 1 and 2 (national level) and scorecard 3 (project level)? Please attach scoring criteria for scorcards 1,  2, and 3
The score cards for Core Indicator 1, 2, 3 were developed through multi-stakeholder consultation conducted in 2014 and have been used since then until now. The score cards and the update PPCR Monitoring and Reporting toolkit  (2018) are used to update the scores of 8 SPCR Project as of December 2017.
Please provide a brief summary of the workshop (What were the key issues raised during the workshop? )
This multi-stakeholder workshop has (2-3 August 2018) several objectives, including validation of the update PPCR M&R  for 2017, consultation on sector adaptation indicators for integration into NSDP 2019-23 and gender mainstreaming. A presentation was made on the update PPCR M&R, including the lessons and challenges identified during the FGMs. Specific inputs and feedbacks were collected through group breaks to revise the scores of the 5 PPCR core indicators following the score cards and tables. No major revision was made, except MRD team increased some score values for Core indicator 3.  Lessons learned and challenges associated with implementation of the SPCR projects were discussed and agreed by the participants. Particular issues were asked regarding the baselines of the SPCR projects, which mostly were based on feasibility studies conducted earlier before project implementation. Sample surveys on project beneficieries may be conducted as part of quality control and project evaluation by the end of project implementation to verify the number of beneficiaries as well as project effectiveness. 
Have you shared  the results of the scoring workshop to a wider  in-country stakeholder group (e.g. an annual multi-stakeholder national-level steering committee and/or stock-taking meeting on the implementation of the PPCR  investment plan)?
The report is shared during the multi-stakeholder workshop, MOP quartely meetings and awareness seminars, and is now accessible in the