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The General Directorate of Planning (GDP) and National Institute of Statistics (NIS) are the key technical directorates of the Ministry of Planning (MOP) that support various functions of the ministry.

The NIS compiles and consolidates statistics provided by decentralized offices and also collects primary data through household and establishment surveys, and population, agricultural and economic censuses. NIS manages CamInfo Database containing over 400 indicators deriving from all sector agencies for tracking progress of CMDGs, SDGs and NSDP Goals, which is accessible online. NIS will conduct a population census in 2019, which will be an important source of information for development and climate change planning.

The NIS (link to web-site) is headed by a Director General who is assisted by Deputy Directors General. It has 8 Departments: 1) Social Statistics Department; 2) Demographic Statistics, Census and Survey Department; 3) Economic Statistics Department; 4) National Accounts Department; 5) ICT Department; 6) Statistical Standard and Analyses Department; 7) Statistical Policies and Cooperation Department; 8) Sub National Statistics Department.

The GDP (link to its web-site) has the responsibility to coordinate and support development of National Strategic Development Plan (NSDP) on a five-year cycle and provides technical guidance for Monitoring and Evaluation of National Implementation (MENI). The GDP maintains several databases, namely commune database, IDpoor and PIP database, which contain climate change related variables and data.

NIS and GDP are now working to coordinate integration of adaptation indicators for tracking climate resilience and adaptation plans and investments, collection of climate change of statistics and adaptation data, and develop web-based Information Management System – CAM-CRDS. The CAM-CRDS is one of the key outputs of the Package C funded by Nordic Development Fund through ADB.

CAM-CRDS stands for “Cambodia Climate Resilience Decision Support” is designed to support sector ministries and stakeholders in planning and implementation of adaptation plans and investments, including operationalization of M&E of adaptation. It offers a platform to learn and share experience and success of adaptation plans, programs and projects in Cambodia. Multiple tools, knowledge products, and reports are also shared online to guide users. From a metadata hit list, users can for example collect the items he/she wishes to download for the data contents/files, and this has to go through authentication of CAM-CRDS license agreement procedures. The CAM-CRDS is built on the CamInfo by incorporating adaptation indicators, PPCR M&E reporting practice, and adaptation data and statistics.

About Us

This website (http://cam-crds.nis.gov.kh) referred to as "CAM-CRDS" or "Cambodian Climate Resilience Decision Support" is the official website of the Ministry of Planning's MCRDP Package-C Programme, established under authority of the Ministry of Planning and the laws of the Kingdom of Cambodia.