SPCR Adaptation Instruments/ Investment Models

 a)      Technologies or infrastructure investments (e.g., improvements to buildings, agricultural, coastal, hydro-meteorological, transport, water, drainage, ICT, and energy systems)

    • - Upgraded water management infrastructure
    • - Rehabilitation and climate proofing of irrigation systems
    • - Construction of paddy drying and storage facilities
    • - Climate proofed provincial roads
    • - Climate proofed rural roads
    • - Upgraded urban roads with drainage structures
    • - Construction of urban and flood protection infrastructure
    • - Improvement of wastewater treatment and solid waste management facilities

 b)      Data, analytical work, technical studies, and knowledge assets (e.g., climate scenarios, forecasts, vulnerability assessments, climate risk/impact analyses, maps, needs assessments, guidelines/manuals)

    • - Enhanced regional data, information, and knowledge base for the management of floods and droughts
    • - Vulnerability mapping and assessment and ecosystem-based adaptation measures
    • - Strategic local economic development plans with sex-specific and climate-resilience measures
    • - Adaptation guidelines
    • - Risk screening tools
    • - Adaptation feasibility studies

c)       Public awareness platforms (e.g., information dissemination platforms, media campaigns, weather information, knowledge sharing events, stakeholder networks, websites, educational curricula, market prices and training)

    • - Training on community-based disaster risk management
    • - Training for improving efficiency of irrigation water use through land leveling
    • - Rice mill management training initiatives that integrate climate change concerns
    • - Training through developing and piloting weather-indexed crop insurance scheme
    • - Training to mainstream adaptation into road infrastructure planning and maintenance
    • - Information dissemination platforms
    • - Awareness raising activities
    • - Knowledge sharing events
    • - Media campaigns
    • - PPCR website
    • - Stakeholder networks
    • - Educational curricula on adaptation

d)      Financial instruments (e.g., micro/insurance, micro/finance, small grants, loan facilities)

    • - Weather-indexed crop insurance scheme
    • - Payment for ecosystem services
    • - Small grants to community-based organizations and non-governmental organizations

 e)      Public/community services (e.g., water and sanitation, transport, flood protection, irrigation, early warning, social protection, education, health)

    • - Flood protection, water supply and sanitation, transport, irrigation, early warning systems
    • - Climate resilient measures, including planting and green maintenance
    • - Community-based emergency management system pilot in Kampong Chhnang province
    • - Community based disaster risk reduction projects (small grants)

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