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Dataset of Meteorological, Environmental, Hydrological and Oceanical information from various line ministries. A link to international portal on climate change projections and downscaling is provided under CAM-CRDS.

The "Data Access" supports the publication of Climate Resilience and adaptation indicators, adaptation data statistics and graphs, maps and datasets in the DevInfo web-based system. 

Users can access Climate Change legislation, Climate Change Policy Response, Climate Change Strategic plans and Climate Change Action Plans; Inventory of Climate Change programs and project; SPCR adaptation investment models or instruments, community-based adaptation for projects; and training modules for climate change planning, mainstreaming and implementation.

About Us

This website ( referred to as "CAM-CRDS" or "Cambodian Climate Resilience Decision Support" is the official website of the Ministry of Planning's MCRDP Package-C Programme, established under authority of the Ministry of Planning and the laws of the Kingdom of Cambodia.