Adaptation Indicators for SNA

Sub-national administration

  1. Ratio of climate change expenditure (CCA, DRR) by SNA budget and CSO/NGOs;
  2. Number of families having access to safe drinking water supplies (pipe water, protected wells), this indicator already exists in the SNA plans, but not climate specific;
  3. Number of families having access to year-round water supplies for irrigation (ponds, irrigation schemes, ground water, rivers/streams);
  4. Adaptive Capacity of SNAs for climate change adaptation and DRR mainstreaming can be monitored by breaking down to several sub-indicators. A simple check list (yes or no) can be designed for these sub-indicator as shown below:
    • % of communes using VRA and PIM guidelines for integrating climate change consideration into commune development plans
    • % commune having access to EWS and climate information
    • % communes received training on VRA and CCA planning
    • % communes having CCA and DDR plans/activities integrated into SNA plans
    • % communes receiving assistance from CSOs and NGOs for climate change activities (CCA, DRR)
    • % commune having regular budget for CCA/DRR activities
    • % commune having access to irrigation schemes built by MOWRAM
    • % commune having forest or wildlife conservation areas
    • % commune having solid waste collection service
    • % commune having sewage system
    • % commune having ground water/wells as supplementing water for domestic use
    • % commune having DBST and concrete roads
    • % commune involved in climate smart agriculture and integrated farming
    • % commune having high safety ground

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