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The Fifth Quarterly Meeting is convened to finalize the final list of climate change adaptation indicators, baselines and targets for NSDP 2019-2023. The meeting will be discussed and reviewed on the drafted of supplementary Document/institutional arrangement, and finalize the proposed list of adaptation indicators from involved core sectors to be integrated into the NSDP 2019-2023. And then the meeting also will be discussed on PPCR results Framework in order to determine the PPCR core indicators which could be integrated into NSDP 2019-2023 and other programs.

The quarterly meeting was presided over by H.E. Hang Lina, Delegate of RGC and Director General of National Institute of Statistics, and H.E. Theng Pagnathun Director General of Planning. The meeting was attended by 50 of the participants (including 04 woman) the composition of the participants is the officers involved in implementation of 8 SPCR projects, M&E units of sector ministries, MOE/NCSD and NCDDS, and M&E officers from provincial line departments in Kampong Cham province.   

The objectives of the quarterly meeting were:

  1. Final discussion on the proposed list of adaptation indicators from four sectors ministries, baselines and target the core adaptation indicators for integrate into NSDP 2019-2023.
  2. Consultation on the drafted of the supplementary Document to integrate and operationalize the Adaptation Indicators.
  3. Discussion on the Result framework, and identified the possibility of PPCR core indicators for integrate into NSDP 2019-2023.


  1. Draft supplementary document
  2. PPCR Result Framework 2017
  3. Sector indicators on CC adaptation 3 Dec 2018 for NSDP

A training Workshop was conducted in Takeo province, on 05-06 September 2018. This workshop was co-chaired by H.E. Hang Lina and H.E. Ny Kim San. There were around 90 people joined this training workshop include officers from the provincial and district councils responsible for climate change mainstreaming and M&E of four provinces, and officers from NCDDS. 


  1. To improve capacity and skills in identification, operationalization and integration of adaptation indicators of various systems at sub-national levels.
  2. To improve data collection and analysis for measurement of baselines and targets of SNA adaptation indicators;
  3. To share experience and lesson on M&E practice among M&E Specialists from sectors ministries, SNAs and CSOs.

Multi-Stakeholder Consultation Workshop held at Cambodiana Hotel, Phnom Penh on 02-03 August 2018. This workshop will be led by HE. Chhay Than  Senior Minister, Minister of Planning. There are around 100 people will join this multi-stakeholder workshop including the government agencies, civil societies, private sectors, donors and NGOs.


  1. To validate the M&E report on the PPCR Core Indicators;
  2. To agree on key national and sector adaptation data and indicators for integration into NSDP 2019-23;
  3. To get inputs for the draft KP10;
  4. To prepare annual monitoring and evaluation reports addressing gender impacts of SPCR investments and capacity assessment of policy makers and civil society and identify areas where gender and social inclusive provisions can be strengthened in CC investments by different ministries

The fourth Quarterly Meeting is convened to finalize the adaptation indicators, the baselines and data collection methodologies for each indicator, and pilot data collection. The meeting will also discuss the possible creation of sub-national M&E working group on climate change under MOP, its Terms of Reference and Mode of Operandi. Initial report of the update PPCR score cards will be presented to get inputs from all stakeholders, including CSOs and private sector.
The meeting were participated by ….key participants including officers involved in implementation of 8 SPCR projects, M&E units of sector ministries, MO/NCSD and NCDDS.
The objectives of the quarterly meeting were:

  1. Discussion on final list of adaptation indicators, baselines and data collection by four sector ministries;
  2. Consultation on possible establishment of sub-national M&E working group on climate change and the draft TOR;
  3. Consultation on update report on PPCR Core indicators, adaptation data and statistics, and pilot data collection framework.

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The Quarterly Meeting is regularly organized in every three months to consult and collect feedback on various aspects of M&E of adaptation, which includes data collection, management, and sharing; M&E of adaptation and institutional coordination; awareness raising and capacity building; and integration and adaptation indicators into national, sector and SNA Plans.

The Third Quarterly Meeting is convened with the following objectives:

  • Update on nomination of new members for the National M&E Working Group M&E of adaptation;   
  • Follow up action for screening of adaptation indicators for integration into NSDP by sector ministries, including development of definitions, constructing baselines and targets;
  • Consultation on sharing of existing data related to climate change statistics and adaptation, and pilot data collection framework.

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