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The meeting was presided over by H.E. Chhay Than, Senior Minister, Minister of Planning. Important dignitaries participating in the workshop include: H.E. Sabo Ojano, Secretary of State (MOE); Mr. Samieula Tukuafu, ADB Country Director; H.E. Pan Bunthoeun, Secretary of State (MOP); H.E. Pheng Sovicheano, Secretary of State (MPWT); H.E. Sivann Botum, Secretary of State (MOWA); H.E. Ngan Cham Roeun, Executive Deputy Head of NCDDS in charge of Program Management and Support Division; H.E. Hang Lina Director General of NIS (MOP); and H.E. Vong Piseth, Deputy Director General (MOP). 

About 120 participants attended the first day of workshop, representing government ministries, development partners, CSOs and consultants of SPCR projects.

In the opening session, introductory and welcoming remarks were delivered by Mr. Samieula Tukuafu, H.E. Sivann Botum and H.E. Sabo Ojano. Mr. Tukuafu expressed the continuous ADB support to RGC in addressing development priority of the RGC, including mobilization of funding support from various development partners to tackle various threats and impacts of climate change posed on key sectors, namely water resources, agriculture and infrastructure, where floods and droughts account for 70% sand 20% respectively. H.E. Sivann Botum indicated MOWA commitment to mainstream gender in Cambodia development process and underlined the important milestones gained in promoting gender consideration in climate change planning and investments in various sectors. H.E. Sabo Ojano pointed out the important role of MOE in coordination and planning climate change responses and strategies as a basis for climate change mainstreaming across sectors and at different levels. He expresses his sincere thanks to ADB for support and cooperation that help strengthen Cambodia’s capacity for implementation of specific adaptation investments consistent with CCCSP. H.E. Chhay Than opened the workshop by raising attention on climate change impacts and how they slow down national growth, highlighting the importance of the M&E framework and national statistics coordinated by MOP, the need for better cooperation among all sector ministries in data collection and sharing, and the contribution of ADB support for capacity improvement for integration of Adaptation M&E framework to track the effectiveness of climate change plans and investments. Furthermore the minister emphasizes the role of MOP in integration of climate change consideration in NSDP which becomes policy platform for all sectors to pursue sustainable development paths while addressing climate change. Several power point presentations are delivered as the following (see the attached presentations):

Day 1: 27 June 2017

  • Overview of Package C, Progress and Opportunity, By Manfred Staab;
  • Scoring Process and Reporting Template for PPCR Core Indicators, by Bonheur Neou Deputy Team Leader Package C
  • Report of the PPCR Indicators 2016, by Valerie Parcado, SPCR Coordinator, ADB
  • Status of M&E framework for MCRDP, by Pheak Yuong, M&E Specialist, Package C
  • Status of M&E Framework for Gender Mainstreaming, by Sano A., Int. Gender Mainstreaming Specialist
  • Mainstreaming of CC in Sub-national planning: achievement and challenge, by Mr. Long Viseth, Deputy Chief of Program Management and Support Division
  • National M&E Institutional Framework and Process for integration of new indicators, by Mr. San Vannak Reth, Director of Investments (MOP)
  • A Harmonized M&E Framework, by Bonheur Neou, DTL
  • CAMInfo Database and data sharing, by Mr. Samrith, Chief of Bureau, NIS
  • Potential Use of Existing databases, by Mr. Sam Sophal, consultant Package C 
  • Proposed Database Structure and Domain, by Som Bony, Deputy Chief of Bureau, NIS/MOP and database manager for CAMInfo.

Day 2: 28 June 2017

  • Guidelines on Adaptation M&E of adaptation investments, by Bhujang R.D. Int M&E Specialist,
  • Sex-disaggregated baseline framework to monitor the gender impacts caused by climate change, by Ms. Sav Kimsoeun, Project Coordinator, MoWA Counterpart team and Ms. Saphon Somolireasmey; Multi-Stakeholder Workshop on M&E and Gender Mainstreaming
  • Proposed formal coordination mechanism, regular cProposed formal coordination mechanism, regular consultations with MOWA, line ministries and civil society at the national, provincial, and local levels, by Ms. Khorn Dinravy, National Gender Mainstreaming and Climate Change Specialist
  • Presentation on the draft gender mainstreaming guidance manual for adaptation investments for line sectors, by Sano A. Int. Gender Specialist

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