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The meeting was co-chaired by H.E. Hang Lina, Director General of NIS and H.E. Theng Pagnathun, Director General of GDP. The presiding guests include H.E. Sivann Botum, MoWA Secretary of State and a Deputy Governor of Prey Veng Province.

The Deputy Governor started his speech by welcoming all representatives and participants from government agencies and civil society organizations attending the seminar and expressed gratitude to H.E. Hang Lina and organizers to select Prey Veng for the awareness seminar. He informed about the observed change in climate variables and the associated climate change impacts such as floods, droughts and storm surges and the disasters in his province.

H.E. Hang Lina opened the seminar by briefing the participants about subsequent consultation meetings and workshops organized by MOP for integration of adaptation indicators and data collection requirements for the national, sector and sub-national development plans and climate change action plans. She highlighted the important role of NIS and GDP in coordination for development of national MENI for NSDP Implementation, and now MOP is working on development of localized SDG indicators, including climate change indicators. She added that enhanced capacity building and awareness raising on M&E of adaptation is an important outcome of the Package C, and she hoped that the seminar could help improve M&E knowledge and the skills, and also provided a venue for identification of suitable adaptation indicators for integration in the next NSDP 2019-23. Several PowerPoint Presentations were delivered as the following (see the detail presentation in google drive

  • Institutional Arrangement, Climate Change Planning and M&E, by Mr. Sum Socheat, Department of Climate Change, MoE/NCSD
  • The Revised PPCR Results Framework, by Mr. Bhujang Rao Dhamarji, Int M&E Advisor
  • M&E Framework for Adaptation Investments, a PPCR Scoring Process Practice and Data collection, by Dr. Neou Bonheur.
  • Climate change activities, M&E and data collection, by Provincial Department of Water Resources and Meteorology in Prey Veng.
  • Climate change activities, M&E and data collection, by Provincial Department of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries in Prey Veng.
  • Climate change activities, M&E and data collection, by Provincial Department of Public Works and Transport Forestry in Prey Veng.
  • Identification of Four Adaptation Indicators integrated into NSDP, by Dr. Neou Bonheur
  • Group Discussion and Presentation:(1) Possible selection of PPCR Indicators for NSDP and Sector Ministries.
    • Group 1: Random split
    • Group 2: Random split.
  • Data requirements for climate change planning and M&E, by Mr. SAM Sophal
  • Group Discussion and Presentation: (1) Selection of adaptation indicators from CCAPs, and PPCR Indicators, and long list of adaptation indicators (presentation).
    • Group 1: MAFF and MOWRAM
    • Group 2: MPWT and MRD.

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