Flood Trend in the Last 17 Years
Flood is a major disaster that threatens sustainable development of Cambodia. It affects many people, causing many human deaths, damage and destruction of infrastructure, houses, crops and other properties. This section presents and analyzes what year major floods occurred in the last 17 of 2000 - 2017, their impacts on road infrastructure, irrigation system and agriculture crops, and provinces that were prone to flood.

    A. Spatial Distribution of Flood Coverage Area  

  Figure 2: Spatial Distribution of Flood in Cambodia (2000-2017)


    Figure 1: Spatial Distribution of Flood in Cambodia (2000 - 2017)

    B.Trend: Annual Distribution of Road Infrastructure, Irrigation System, and Agriculture Crop Damaged and Destroyed


    Figure 2: Trend: Length of National/Provincial/Urban Roads (Km) Damaged and Destroyed (2000–2017)

 Figure 3: Trend: Length of Rural Roads (Km) Damaged and Destroyed (2000–2017)


    Figure 4: Trend: Irrigation System (m) Damaged and Destroyed (2000–20017)


Figure 5: Trend: Agriculture Crop (Ha) Damaged (2000–20017)

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