Cambodia Climate Resilience Decision Support
Monitoring & Evaluation Framework of Adaptation.

CAM-CRDS uniquely focuses on the monitoring and evaluation of climate adaptation. It offers a platform to learn, design, operationalise and report on adaptation indicators, helping to track adaptation plans, programs and projects in Cambodia. Multiple tools, monitoring knowledge products, and reports are also shared online to guide users. From a metadata hit list, users can for example collect the items he/she wishes to download for the data contents/files, and this has to go through authentication of CAM-CRDS license agreement procedures.

M & E Framework and Adaptation Indicators

Tools, knowledge products, lessons learned and guidelines for M&E of adaptation.

Observed Climate Change Variable and Weather

Dataset of Meteorological, Environmental, Hydrological and Oceanical information from various line ministries. A link to international portal on climate change projections and downscaling is provided under CAM-CRDS.

Vulnerability, Risks and Impacts

Datasets related to Socio-economics, Modelling of regional downscaling projections, Infrastructure, Climate Change risks and impacts assessment reports, Climate Change Vulnerability Index and disaster risks index...

Climate Change Planning and Implementation

Users can access Climate Change legislation, Climate Change Policy Response, Climate Change Strategic plans and Climate Change Action Plans; Inventory of Climate Change programs and project; SPCR adaptation investment models or instruments, community-based adaptation for projects; and training modules for climate change planning, mainstreaming and implementation.
Data Access

The "Data Access" supports the publication of Climate Resilience and adaptation indicators, adaptation data statistics and graphs, maps and datasets in the DevInfo web-based system. CAM-CRDS manages a range of data and information including time-series data, which supports the operationalization of Adaptation M&E Framework at national, sector, sub-national levels, including CSOs and civil society.

Data Access Browser